Working Procedure

  • ALSUBAIHI CC decided to work in a very high and professional systematic approach from the beginning, in which all cases are stored, filed, and followed with the utmost confidentiality and systematic procedure. Each case is given to an exclusive collector to follow up on while also being electronically filed in both hard and soft copies into our computer data bases. Reports on each case are prepared and provided through email in accordance with our clients' needs, which are updated on a regular basis.

WE aim for long term business relations with our clients; we therefore, exert extra efforts to handle the sensitivity of money matters in most professional and safe approach. Clear instructions are given to account department and all company staff to always handle the cash payments received from debtors in very sensitive & documented procedures.

In case of opening cases in Courts upon recommendation by our clients, it will be assigned to our Legal Department, which will file the case either in civil courts or in criminal courts as we see appropriate within the law. (Noting court fees and expenses be applicable in such cases) Once settlement is reached, commission shall be due from the totally collected amounts.

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